Current Vacancy Notices

Warning: Beware of Scams Implying Association with IAEA

Various fraudulent schemes implying association with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) including fake offers of employment at the IAEA, training courses and e-mail prize awards have been detected. These use e-mails and fake web-sites, faxes and telephone numbers. Some of them include the names of IAEA staff. Some request detailed information and/or money, in connection with supposed registration fees, hotel reservations, employment opportunities, prizes or awards. They sometimes carry fake e-mail addresses that resemble those of the IAEA or the United Nations.

These are scams. Recipients are warned not to send any money or bank account details or any personal or professional information in response to them. With regard to employment opportunities, it should be noted that IAEA does not charge a fee at any stage of the recruitment process (application, interview, processing, or training before appointment). In case of doubt, IAEA's Human Resources Division should be contacted directly on +43 1 2600 21528.

Below you can find the list of current vacancies. To view a vacancy notice, click on the post title. The dates shown are the application deadlines. Applications received after these dates will not be considered.

Current IAEA staff members are required to submit their applications online. This can be done by completing the online Personal History Form (PHF), indicating the post in question. Staff members are advised that hard copy applications will no longer be accepted.

Professional Posts

Department of Management
2014/047Director (D)2014-05-07
2014/058Unit Head (P-4)2014-05-19
Department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications
2014/057Chemist (Radioisotope & Radiopharmaceutical) (P-4) new2014-05-27
2014/061Laboratory Head (P-5) new2014-05-13
Department of Safeguards
2014/052Information Analysis Engineer (P-4)2014-04-25
2014/053Section Head (P-5)2014-04-25
2014/062Budget and Finance Officer (P-4) new2014-05-21
Department of Technical Cooperation
2013/123Section Head (P-5)2014-04-25
2014/051Associate Communication Officer (P-2)2014-05-22
2014/059Director (D-1) new2014-06-03
Department of Nuclear Energy
2014/034Senior Expert (Organisation and Management Systems) (P-5)2014-05-04
2014/054Director (D-1)2014-04-25
2014/055Section Head (P-5)2014-04-25
2014/056Section Head (P-5)2014-04-25
Department of Nuclear Safety and Security
2014/012Emergency Communication Specialist (P-5)2014-05-07
2014/050Associate Project Analyst (P-2)2014-05-01
2014/060Nuclear Fuel Cycle Security Officer (P-4)2014-05-21
2014/413Consultant - Public Communication Expert (P)2014-04-28
2014/415Consultant - Nuclear Safety Regulatory Framework Expert (P) new2014-05-13

General Service Posts

Department of Management
2014/234Visual Merchandising Clerk (G-3)2014-05-14
2014/241Executive Assistant (G-6)2014-05-06
Department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications
2014/221Laboratory Technician (G-4)2014-04-28
Department of Nuclear Safety and Security
2014/236Implementation Assistant (G-5)2014-04-24
2014/238Team Assistant (G-4)2014-05-01
2014/239Team Assistant (G-4)2014-05-05
2014/240Team Assistant (G-4)2014-05-05

General Applications

Administrative post (P)
Scientific/engineering post (P)
Consultancy (P)