International Atomic Energy Agency
Vacancy Notice No. 2012/270

Position and Grade: Supervisor (Main Sales) (G-5)
Organizational Unit: Sales and Warehouse Unit
Commissary Management Section
Division of General Services
Department of Management
Duty Station: Vienna, Austria
Issue Date: 23 October 2012 (re-opened on 30 January 2013)
Application Deadline: 15 February 2013
Type of Appointment: Fixed-term extrabudgetary, 2 years (subject to a probationary period of 1 year)
CCOG codes: 2.K.0.3

Organizational Setting

The Division of General Services is one of the six Divisions in the Department of Management. It provides service functions through the Director's Office and five Sections: Facilities Management, Seibersdorf Facilities Management, Archives and Records Management, Transport and General Support and Commissary.

The Commissary is a tax and duty-free store. It was established as a self-sustaining and non-profit making operation in order to facilitate the purchase of limited quantities of consumer goods by the diplomats of Permanent Missions of member states accredited to the UN organizations, staff members of the UN organizations based at the VIC as well as of other authorized organizations.

Under the overall direction of the Director, Division of General Services and the direct management of the Head, Commissary Management Section, the Commissary consists of three Units: Procurement, Sales and Warehouse, and Invoice Control. The Sales and Warehouse Unit is divided into three major Groups: the Main Sales Group, the Cosmetics and Boutique Group and the Warehouse Group. The Main Sales Group is responsible for the display and sale of all goods in the Salesroom, the shelf replenishment and the operation of the Depository and the Bulk Sale Outlet. Between 7.00 and 19.15 the work in the Main Sales Group is carried out in two different shifts.

The incumbent primarily works in the Salesroom where she/he is responsible for the oversight of the sales operations as well as the supervision of staff in her/his area. The incumbent of the post reports directly to the Unit Head of Sales and Warehouse and supervises and provides guidance to the Main Sales Group staff consisting of Foremen, Sales Clerks, Cashiers, Salesroom Workers, as well as one Information Desk Clerk during his/her shift. The customer-oriented environment demands a willingness to work shift and, sometimes at short notice, long hours.

Main Purpose

Under the supervision of the Head, Sales and Warehouse Unit and alternating with the second Team Supervisor, Main Sales Group, the incumbent is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operation of the Commissary Salesroom and for supervising its staff during his/her shift in the time span from 7.00 to 19.15.

Working Relationships

The Team Supervisor provides guidance and support at all stages of the selling cycle to staff of the Group and external shelf-stocking helpers. The incumbent interacts with Commissary customers from across the VIC, Permanent Missions and other international organizations on day-to-day issues concerning the shop environment (e.g. product locations, product availability, out-of-shelf issues, prices, special offers etc.), Commissary rules and regulations (e.g. purchasing entitlements), bulk sale orders and handles general queries and complaints.

Functions / Key Results Expected

  • Alternating with the second Team Supervisor, share the supervision of the Main Sales Group, the Bulk Sale Outlet and the Depository, consisting of Foremen, Sales Clerks, Cashiers, Salesroom Workers and the Information Desk Clerk.
  • Create weekly shift plans to include work station assignments/rotations, staff vacations, back-up for absent staff members.
  • Plan and control overtime, record-keeping of hours worked by assigned staff entitled to claim low temperature allowances.
  • Propose process/workflow streamlining to Unit Head.
  • Train new and temporary assistant staff to ensure compliance with Commissary rules and procedures. Supervise the work of external shelf-stocking helpers sent by Commissary suppliers.
  • Ensure that shelves are properly labelled and being replenished before opening hours and on a continuous basis during opening hours; check availability of out-of-shelf goods in the Warehouse and issues Requisitions to the Warehouse for prompt delivery to the Salesroom.
  • Analyse and optimise the allocation of space on the shelves to different product subclasses in order to maximise sales; change entire blocks of product groups when necessary.
  • Prepare reports on expired/damaged goods, not-on-shelf products, changes shelf labels in case of price changes.
  • Ensure smooth operation of the cash-out function (i.e. open and close the system; authorize void actions and handle the daily turnover funds and the permanent float).
  • Carry responsibility for the Chilled and Deep Freeze Warehouses and supervise the Salesroom Workers' / Cashiers' duty of receiving chilled and frozen goods as well as their arrangements for proper and effective storage.
  • Carry responsibility for the Textiles Warehouse and closely supervise the Sales Clerks' duty of receiving textiles, DVDs, CDs, books; verify the correctness of their data entries into the goods receiving module of the Commissary Information System, reporting of under/over deliveries, missing items and damaged goods as well as arrangements for proper and effective storage.
  • Take part in book-stock adjustments; supervise and take part in the annual inventory taking.
  • Man the Information Desk; this includes answering customer enquiries and complaints, advising customers on their entitlements, the Commissary rules and regulations, updating the customers database and releasing purchase entitlements to customers by validating grounds passes for shopping, processing bulk-sale orders.
  • Take part in the Commissary's on-call duty scheme, established to cover cases of emergency outside Commissary opening hours including weekends. Together with Head, Sales and Warehouse Unit is responsible for the physical security of the Salesroom by checking, locking and unlocking doors, activating/de-activating alarm system at the beginning and end of business day.
  • Deputize for the Head, Sales and Warehouse Unit.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Sound IT skills, including practical experience with MS Office, databases and dedicated retail IT systems.
  • Good health, physical fitness and strength to carry out strenuous work.
  • Ability to concentrate for long periods of time.
  • High degree of flexibility together with a strong customer and service oriented attitude.
  • Ability to deal with staff at all levels in a professional manner.
  • Organizing skills: ability to prioritize, organize, perform routine work independently, meet deadlines, adapt to constantly changing demands and ability to manage workload under pressure.
  • Interpersonal skills: ability to effectively deal with clients, staff and officials at all levels inside and outside the organization, in a multicultural setting, in a professional manner with respect and sensitivity for diversity.

Education, Experience and Language Skills

  • Completed secondary education.
  • Minimum of five years of experience with computerized point-of-sale systems and related cashier activities.
  • Extensive work experience in the floor operation of a supermarket.
  • Experience in team leading and sound supervisory skills.
  • Clerical/administrative experience.
  • Working knowledge of English and German required. Knowledge of another official IAEA language (i.e. Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish) desirable.


The IAEA offers an attractive remuneration package including a tax-free annual net base salary starting at €39 880 (subject to mandatory deductions for pension contributions and health insurance), six weeks' annual vacation, pension plan and health insurance.

How to Apply

Internal and external applicants need to complete an IAEA Personal History Form. Internal applicants are required to apply online at External applicants are required to apply online at You can find more information about employment opportunities and working at the IAEA at No e-mail or hard-copy application will be accepted. All applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application in due course. Applications received after the application deadline will not be considered. Applicants who do not comply with the aforementioned application guidelines or do not meet the essential requirements specified in this Vacancy Notice will not be considered.

Appointment is subject to a satisfactory medical report. Recruitment will be on a LOCAL BASIS only. Outside applicants are required to supply to the IAEA or to authorize it to seek all information relevant to their suitability for employment by the IAEA. Testing may be part of the recruitment process.

Applicants should be aware that IAEA staff members are international civil servants and may not accept instructions from any other authority. Staff members may be assigned to any location. The IAEA retains the discretion not to make any appointment to this vacancy, to make an appointment at a lower grade or with a different contract type, or to make an appointment with a modified job description or for shorter duration than indicated above.

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