International Atomic Energy Agency
Vacancy Notice No. 2013/025

Position and Grade: Radiotherapy Medical Physicist (P-4)
Organizational Unit: Dosimetry and Medical Radiation Physics Section
Division of Human Health
Department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications
Duty Station: Vienna, Austria
Issue Date: 15 March 2013
Application Deadline: 12 May 2013
Type/Duration of Appointment: Fixed term, 3 years (subject to a probationary period of 1 year)

Organizational Setting

The Department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications implements the IAEA's Major Programme 2, "Nuclear Techniques for Development and Environmental Protection". This Major Programme comprises individual programmes on food and agriculture, human health, water resources, environment and radiation technologies. These programmes are supported by laboratories in Seibersdorf, Monaco and Vienna. The Major Programme's objective is to enhance the capacity of Member States to meet basic human needs and to assess and manage the marine and terrestrial environments through the use of nuclear and isotopic techniques in sustainable development programmes.

The Division of Human Health is organized into four Sections whose objectives are to enhance the capabilities of Member States to address needs related to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of health problems through the development and application of nuclear techniques within a framework of quality assurance.

The Dosimetry and Medical Radiation Physics Section (DMRP) is responsible for quality assurance and metrology in radiation medicine. The Section works closely with clinical colleagues of the Applied Radiation Biology and Radiotherapy Section and the Nuclear Medicine Section. Specifically, DMRP provides technical support in medical physics to ensure the safe and effective applications of nuclear technology in radiotherapy, diagnostic radiology and nuclear medicine. It operates the Dosimetry Laboratory located at the Agency's Laboratories, Seibersdorf, and provides a dosimetry calibration service and a dosimetry auditing and verification service for Member States.

Main purpose

As a member of a team led by the Section Head, the Radiotherapy Medical Physicist enhances the capability of Member States to establish, develop and implement new techniques, methodologies and training materials in the physical and technical aspects of radiotherapy, particularly for programmes in quality assurance and dosimetry auditing.


The Radiotherapy Medical Physicist is a team member for the project on developments in the physical and technical aspects of radiotherapy, a technical expert supporting a project on quality auditing in dosimetry, a trainer, and a knowledgeable adviser in medical physics for radiotherapy and the adaptation of new technologies of relevance to low and middle income countries.


The Radiotherapy Medical Physicist works closely with medical physicist and radiation oncology colleagues and other IAEA professionals, and maintains an international network of medical physicists willing to consult on IAEA projects and assist with their timely implementation at a high level of quality.

Functions / Key Results Expected

  • Participate in the project on developments in medical physics for radiotherapy. This includes: providing input to the development of the programme; planning and implementing coordinated research projects; organizing and leading technical meetings, seminars and courses; delivering technical advice; supporting quality assurance activities in radiotherapy treatment planning; participating in the development and transfer of dosimetry techniques to Member States; contributing to editorial activities for publications in medical radiation physics; developing training material and keeping up to date with developments in the field.
  • Support implementation of the project on quality auditing in dosimetry by analysing data from the participating hospitals and the network of secondary standards dosimetry laboratories (SSDLs), reporting results to the users and resolving discrepancies.
  • Support implementation of comprehensive audits in radiotherapy by contributing to the development, review and update of auditing methodologies and review of expert mission reports.
  • Act as technical officer for the IAEA's technical cooperation projects in the field of medical physics in radiotherapy by planning, implementing and evaluating projects, including providing advice on the use of experts, the placing of fellows, the purchasing of equipment and the organization of meetings and training courses.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Knowledge at the level of an international expert in the principles and applications of medical physics in radiotherapy.
  • In-depth knowledge of dosimetry and radiotherapy equipment for simulation, treatment planning, treatment delivery and quality assurance; broad knowledge of medical physics in radiotherapy covering the spectrum from commissioning basic radiotherapy services to assisting IAEA Member States to plan, acquire and implement novel radiotherapy techniques such as image-guided radiotherapy.
  • In-depth knowledge of quality assurance programmes in radiotherapy.
  • High motivation to meet the medical physics needs of low and middle income through the design and implementation of relevant projects.
  • Communication skills: Strong ability to make effective oral and written presentations to audiences of diverse skill levels.
  • Interpersonal skills:
    • Ability to work in a multicultural and multidisciplinary environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity;
    • Ability to work as a team member in a cooperative manner with other colleagues to achieve collaborative organizational goals.
  • Planning and organizing: Ability to work in a multitasking environment.

Education, Experience and Language Skills

  • PhD in medical physics or equivalent.
  • Minimum of 7 years of clinical experience in radiotherapy physics.
  • Experience in radiotherapy beam calibration and clinical dosimetry.
  • Experience and practical skills in the physical and technical aspects of quality assurance in radiotherapy.
  • Experience in professional development, education and clinical training of medical physicists and other health care professionals.
  • Working knowledge of the radiotherapy process, including simulation, treatment planning and treatment delivery, facility design and equipment specification. Skilled in conducting and reviewing quality control measurements.
  • Demonstrated experience in project design, monitoring and implementation.
  • Familiarity with and understanding of the specific needs and conditions of low and middle income countries in the field of radiotherapy physics.
  • Proven record of scientific publications in international peer reviewed medical physics journals of a good international standing.
  • Fluency in spoken and written English essential. Working knowledge of at least one additional official IAEA language (Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian or Spanish) an asset.


The IAEA offers an attractive remuneration package including a tax-free annual net base salary starting at US $67 483 (subject to mandatory deductions for pension contributions and health insurance), a variable post adjustment which currently amounts to US $38 938*, dependency benefits, rental subsidy, education grant, relocation and repatriation expenses; 6 weeks' annual vacation, home leave, pension plan and health insurance.

How to apply to the IAEA

Complete an Online Application

* Subject to change without notice

Applications from qualified women and candidates from developing countries are encouraged

Applicants should be aware that IAEA staff members are international civil servants and may not accept instructions from any other authority. The IAEA is committed to applying the highest ethical standards in carrying out its mandate. As part of the United Nations common system, the IAEA subscribes to the following core ethical standards (or values): Integrity, Professionalism and Respect for diversity. Staff members may be assigned to any location. The IAEA retains the discretion not to make any appointment to this vacancy, to make an appointment at a lower grade or with a different contract type, or to make an appointment with a modified job description or for shorter duration than indicated above. Testing may be part of the recruitment process.

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